The Little-Known Connection Between The Gut And The Skin

Constipated man sitting on toiletSometimes the answers are found in surprising places. Who would have thought that the answer to your acne could be in your gut? But that’s exactly what science says.

There’s a good reason to believe that gut problems can cause acne. The problems can be as mundane as minor bloating and indigestion to full-blown irritable bowel syndrome. Research as far back as 50s shows higher prevalence of gut problems in skin patients. And in the past decade several studies have shown improvements in acne when gut problems are treated.

Now in terms of scientific evidence and proof we have to say this is tentative. It’s far from iron-clad, full-proof connection. And I’m by no means saying that every adult acne sufferer has gut problems. But the evidence is interesting enough that you should take this connection seriously. And you have little to lose since the treatments are both cheap and safe.

I created this page to pull together some of best gut-related posts. Hopefully these posts help you to understand how gut problems can make a mess of your skin, and what you can do to fix things.

I’ll keep updating this page as I publish more really good posts on this.

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