Candida And Acne: The Rational Approach

Evidence-based Candida information
for those who value logic and science


Candida cultureWondering what’s the deal with Candida and acne? Does it cause acne and what you can do about it? Want reliable answers that are based on science and evidence?

Then you are in the right place! I created this page for people just like you. To answer common questions and concerns acne sufferers have about Candida. And also to provide balance.

The web is littered with wild claims about Candida. Spend 5 to 10 minutes on those sites and it’s easy to think Candida is the root cause of acne. Unfortunately those claims are largely pulled out of thin air. They are not backed by any studies or credible evidence. Not only have that but the studies we have provided good evidence against those claims. So I wanted to create this page to provide a bit of balance to the endless hype.

While the advice provided on countless Candida website is usually harmless, and some diet-advice even borderlines good, it’s hard to tell where truth ends and fiction begins. This is important because there are consequences to uncritically accepting the wild claims. During the past 8 years in the natural health scene I’ve seen countless stories of people wasting months and years of their life on extremely strict diets. Diets that cause isolation by restricting your social life and stress because they are very hard to stick to. Others have wasted hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars on supplements and herbs that supposedly kill Candida. Most have little to show for their efforts.

This page is here to provide the other side of the story. So that you can be the judge and make an informed decision.

With that said, here are my best Candida-related articles:

  • Does Candida Cause Acne: What Does The Science Say? In this article I’ll look at what does the science say about claims that Candida causes acne. The answer is pretty surprising. Candida can cause acne, but just not the way you read on most Candida websites.
  • How Candida Spit Test Is Like A Broken Bathroom Scale. This article deals with the popular spit-test that’s supposed to diagnose Candida. Is it reliable? What can it tell you?
  • How To Avoid Candida Disaster. This article talks about 3 warning signs to look for in Candida websites. When you see any of these you’ll know that the person is just regurgitating the alternative medicine version of Candida information with little to no critical thinking. This is the path down to restrictive diets and money-wasting black hole of Candida supplements.
  • Reader Question: What To Do About Candida. A reader emailed me complaining about gut and skin problems after long-term antibiotic treatment. She told me she has Candida infection and asked for advice. This post is my reply to her – any for anyone else in the same situation.