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Knowing your acne type helps you to understand why you get acne and what you can do to get over it

How does it work?

The quiz contains a series of questions on various factors science has shown to affect acne. A mathematical algorithm analyzes your answers and determines your acne type.

Knowing your acne type puts you on a fast-track to clear skin.​ So start now, the quiz only takes a few minutes.

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What are acne types?

Natalie is a young woman who always gets acne before her periods. She has also noticed that avoiding milk reduces her acne.

Julio is a college student who is under stress to get good grades. He tends to get acne during stressful examination periods.

Natalie's breakouts are clearly linked to hormones and Julio's to stress. Does it make sense for both of them to follow the same diet and treatment plan? Of course not. We are dealing with a two different problems - hormones and stress.

Acne types refers to the idea that many different internal problems can cause acne. And, because the causes are different, each type requires a different treatment plan. It recognizes that not everyone with acne is the same.


Acne types recognizes that not everyone with acne is the same