Detox sauna and other funny things

Detox sauna and other funny things

It’s been a while since I’ve shared links to interesting stories from other sites. So here’s a long due update of things worth checking out.

  • Many natural health websites suggest saunas for detoxification purposes. Apparently sweating flushes ‘toxins’ out of your body. FutureDerm blog takes a look at this in their post Sweat It Out: Does Sweat Detoxify?. The bottom line is that while sweating might eliminate some harmful substances from the body, it’s nothing compared to what’s eliminated through the primary elimination organs, the liver and kidneys. Furthermore, sweating can dehydrate you and impair the functioning of those organs.
  • Often in the media you hear about the latest study showing benefits from some supplement or herb. Neurologica Blog has a good article on Gingo Biloba and why you should be skeptical of such stories.
  • Oil pulling. Does it have any merit? BeautyBrains blog answers.
  • 5 tips for beating sugar craving from Detoxinista.
  • The Morning Mile Challenge – looks like a scary good idea?


People often ask me what to eat. So I’ll share some acne-friendly recipes I’ve come across.

  • Delicious looking Ceasar salad recipe at the Perfect Health Diet blog.
  • Craving for cookies but worried that wheat is going to wreck your skin? Here’s a grain-free cookie recipe that shold be good for your skin (as long as you don’t go overboard with the sweeteners) via
  • Apple Pie Balls – skin friendly dessert you can fix in 5 to 10 minutes via

That’s what I had for you today. I hope you enjoyed those articles. If you have any wishes on specific topics you’d like me to write about or share articles, please let me know in the comment sections and I’ll keep my eyes open for them.

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