Adrenal Fatigue Or Not?

I’ve been bothered by adrenal fatigue. Scratch that. I’ve been bothered by the concept of adrenal fatigue, not the so-called disease itself. The whole thing has always smelled little too much ‘alternative medicine’ to me. All the information comes from sources not exactly dedicated to critical thinking and scientific enquiry, with most medical organizations and … Read more

The News Report That Should Have Never Happened – And Lesson In Reading Scientific Research

Scientific research is today more available to people like you and me than it has ever been. And that’s fantastic, because this site couldn’t exists without access to research data. But this silver cloud has a dark lining. Today there are more newspapers, websites and cable channels demanding content. These news hungry outlets are eager … Read more

Stop Confusing Me With Facts

Mike Adams is at it again. Mouth foaming he penned a scathing retort to what he calls yet another flawed organic food study. Of course he didn’t stop there. The media reports about the study are ‘psyops’ designed to confuse you and push GMO. Where he pulled the GMO bit, I have no idea, the … Read more