Topical treatments introduction

Topical treatments introduction

This section covers just about everything you need to know about topical treatments – at least as far as acne is concerned.

Here’s how this section is organized. The condition-specific pages include:

  • General information about the condition and what to expect
  • Overview of treatments likely to work
  • Product recommendations

I’ve included the following acne-relevant conditions:

Finally, there are a few pages on other relevant topics. For now, we have:

  • Oils in skincare – Read about how to include oils into your skincare routine.
  • Comedogenicity – We’ll go over the reasons why you should take comedogenicity ratings with a grain of salt.
  • Cleansers – Discussion and recommendations for cleansers.

Don’t forget sunscreen

While this section doesn’t specifically talk about sunscreen, do keep in mind that it’s an integral part of keeping your skin healthy. Exposure to UV radiation can cause sebum oxidation and thus trigger acne.

If possible, apply sunscreen everyday. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2013 divided 903 Australians under the age of 55 into two groups. One was asked to apply sunscreen every day, the other group was asked to use sunscreen at their discretion. After 4.5 years, the daily sunscreen use group showed no additional signs of skin ageing, and, when compared to the group that used sunscreen at their discretion, showed 24% less signs of skin ageing.

While ageing is not the same as acne, they both stem from similar damage to skin cells, and it’s reasonable to assume sun protection can also be helpful in acne.

If you are prone to hyperpigmentation (dark spots on areas you get acne), I definitely recommend using sunscreen everyday. Reducing UV exposure as much as possible helps to prevent and fade away existing dark spots.

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