FULL – 3 – Supplements

FULL – 3 – Supplements

As with diet, it’s not possible to create a one-size-fits-all supplement plan – at least not without burdening your life and wallet with countless supplements you might not need. Because the supplements you need may be different from what I need.

These guidelines help you to find the supplements you need:

  • Try the betaine HCL challenge test discussed at the how to know if you have gut problems page. Supplement, if it indicates you don’t produce enough stomach acid.
  • Try digestive enzymes when you eat legumes or lot of tough and hard to digest vegetables; like broccoli and cauliflower. If the enzymes improve your digestion, consider taking them before such meals.
  • Some form of prokinetic is highly recommended. Iberogast is the best option. But if it’s too expensive for daily use (about $13/month if you take it once a day), at the very least have a cup of digestive tea in the evening. You can make ginger tea at home, or try one of the ones covered in the previous section.
  • Pioneer Nutritional Formulas, Digestive Enzymes & Herbs seems like a good all-in-one digestive aid. It contains bitters to stimulate bile and stomach acid production, digestive enzymes to facilitate digestion, and ginger for motility. At the time of writing it costs about $12 for 60 capsule bottle. Instructions call for 2 to 3 capsules a day.

My #1 recommendation is to take Iberogast every evening and after heavy meals, and betaine HCL as needed.

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2 thoughts on “FULL – 3 – Supplements”

  1. Hi Seppo.
    Thanks for all your great advice. Really!
    I’m doing the gut healing now – and seeing great results after two weeks – Yay and fingers crossed!
    My questioN: I am trying to figure out when to start taking acacia gum?
    And didn’t you say on the previous post, that I could read more about acacia gum in the supplement section? (Which I guess is this page?)

    Kind regards, Linda

    • Thanks and great to hear you are seeing good results. To be honest, I don’t have a good answer to your question. But my ‘gut feeling’ is that it’s ok to start taking it around week 2 of the first phase. There’s some concern that the diet combined with the herbal antimicrobials may deplete the bacteria in the gut too much and give an opening to more harmful bacteria to flourish. Taking acacia from the week 2 onwards could mitigate that.