FULL – 2 – Summary

FULL – 2 – Summary

One page summary of important points and recommendations in this step:

  • SIBO often recurs. The recommendations outlined in this step minimize the risk of SIBO and bacterial imbalances recurring.
  • Slow gastrointestinal motility and problems with small intestine migrating motor complex (MMC) encourage bacteria to migrate up to the small intestine. Dr. Allison Siebecker, one of the leading authorities on SIBO, says that taking prokinetics to support GI motility is critical in preventing SIBO relapse. Options: 1) prescription drugs, 2) Iberogast, 3) ginger.
  • Other preventative measures include: boosting stomach acid, taking digestive enzymes, using herbal digestifs to stimulate stomach acid and bile production. Use as needed. At the minimum, I would recommend taking an herbal digestif. Also, be sure to take a betaine HCL supplement if the tests outlined in this chapter show you don’t have enough stomach acid.
  • Slowly start to introduce more fermentable carbohydrates into your diet. Monitor your gut and bowel movements for signs of trouble and adjust your diet accordingly.
  • Stay on this stabilization phase for at least two months. It often takes 4 to 8 weeks for the small intestine to heal once SIBO has been eradicated.

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