A person smoking

Does Smoking Cause Acne: What Does The Science Say?

There are few substances as harmful and widely abused as cigarettes. The list of negative health effects of smoking is as long as California. But does smoking also cause acne? Evidence to date is conflicting, and smoking seems to have both positive and negative effects on acne. Conflicting findings from epidemiological studies Epidemiological studies compare … Read more

Key that opens door to clear skin

How To Cure Acne Overview

The web is filled with bad acne advice. Q&A sites are full of well-meaning but simplistic advice about how to cure acne. Often how to cure acne questions are answered with put toothpaste on it or use this homemade skin care recipe type of advice. While there’s some truth to such answers and they miss … Read more

Picture of organic farm

Is Organic Food Really Better For You?

Eat organic food is stock advice on many health websites. Organic is portrayed as the right choice for your health and conventionally produced food is scoffed as being ‘pesticide laden’. But is there any evidence for these claims? Is organic really more nutritious and healthier? These are not idle questions. Because organic is more expensive, … Read more

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Soy And Acne: Looking At The Evidence

A lot has been written about the dangers of soy. In acne forums people strongly advice cutting it out of your diet because of its acne causing effect. But what does the evidence say? Is there a good reason to believe soy causes acne or other health problems? Leading the charge against soy is Weston … Read more