Top 5 Acne Scar Treatments (And 5 Things to Avoid)

Are you tired of acne scar treatments that don’t work? I know I am. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of misleading advice on acne scars. Recommendations include everything from baking soda to lemon juice to tea tree oil, despite the lack of clinical evidence and potential harm to your skin. So what can you do? … Read more

Best sunscreen for acne prone skin

Unprotected sun exposure will make your acne worse… but using sunscreen can also do the exact same thing. Sunscreen and acne, It’s a catch 22. Use no sunscreen and your acne gets worse. Use sunscreen and your acne gets worse. But… use the right sunscreen – a sunscreen that won’t cause acne – and not … Read more

Caveman regimen for acne

Are you considering the caveman regimen for acne? Hundreds of people online report to have cleared their skin using this routine. This minimalist approach is now more popular than ever! Could the topical products you’re using actually be causing the problem you’re trying to solve? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and your skin … Read more