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Study Shows Blood Type Diet Doesn’t Work

By Seppo | Diet

Pseudosciences are in many ways like cargo cults. When observed from afar they seem to have all the trappings of legitimacy. Astrologers, as an example, have their own professional associations and journals. Over the hundreds of years astrology has accumulated an impressive amount of knowledge that’s taught in dedicated colleges. The impressive sounding trappings don’t […]

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Adrenal Fatigue Or Not?

By Seppo | Critical thinking , Lifestyle , Quackery

I’ve been bothered by adrenal fatigue. Scratch that. I’ve been bothered by the concept of adrenal fatigue, not the so-called disease itself. The whole thing has always smelled little too much ‘alternative medicine’ to me. All the information comes from sources not exactly dedicated to critical thinking and scientific enquiry, with most medical organizations and […]

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