Does Resveratrol Live Up To Hype? Clear Skin Without Side-Effects?

By Seppo | Members-only

Resveratrol seems like the magic pill we’ve all been secretly hoping for. Many researchers believe it’s the secret behind the “French paradox”, and study after study shows it can protect against countless health conditions.

And when there’s hype the supplement and skincare companies are never far behind. Indeed you can find countless products touting the benefits of resveratrol. Recently, I found out that some companies are pushing resveratrol acne creams. So I wanted to find out if there’s anything to them.

It turns out there could be. In the past two years a couple of interesting human studies have come out, some evaluating topical resveratrol and some looking at supplemental form. These studies indeed show resveratrol has potential as an acne treatment.

So let’s see what the science says about this, and whether it can live up to the hype.


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