Hack Your Tea 3 – Cold Water Steeping

By Seppo | Diet


Cold water steeping is a new and popular way to make tea in Taiwan, especially during the summer months. In this post we’ll explore the antioxidant and health properties of cold water steeped tea and how they compare to traditionally prepared tea. We’ll also go over studies comparing green and white teas, the results of which just might surprise you.


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About the Author

Seppo Puusa, a.k.a. AcneEinstein shares rational advice about natural and alternative acne treatments. Read more about me and my acne struggles at the page.

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Somkiat Masileerungsee April 19, 2014

Hi Seppo, do you mean that you put green tea leave in a bottle and add water (not hot) into it and leave it in the fridge overnight?

I usually have hot Sencha (tea bag) from Japan. Is there any better options than this or I’m on the right track? Thanks.

    Seppo Puusa April 21, 2014

    Yes, that’s what I do. I just put loose leaf tea on a bottle, fill it with water and put it to fridge for 8 to 12 hours, usually overnight. That way the tea is ready for my breakfast. It doesn’t really matter whether you brew the tea hot or cold. Hot water brewing may get more antioxidants from the tea, but I find cold water brewing more convenient and because of that drink more tea. So feel free to do either way.

Rubi Hernandez July 23, 2014

hello seppo! ive been brewing my powder matcha in hot water which can be a hassle sometimes but i would prefer cold brewing my tea. my question is, can i cold steep powder green tea using the same procedure you use with your cold loose leaf tea drink?

    Seppo Puusa July 27, 2014

    Yes, you can also brew powdered tea with cold water. The form of the tea doesn’t really matter.

Mickey December 13, 2014

Sep.. I’m a bit confused. In this article:http://www.acneeinstein.com/3-ways-green-tea-treats-acne/
you said:
“An easy way to add lots of green tea into your day is to brew it in bulk and then chill it. I always have a bottle of cold green tea in my fridge and often drink it in place of water. – I don’t do this anymore. Always consume your green tea fresh.”

Soo.. w/c one is updated? Hot or cold(fridge)?

    Seppo Puusa December 13, 2014

    When you store tea the antioxidants degrade quite rapidly. So it’s not a good idea to store it for too long. You can make the tea last a bit longer if you add some vitamin C powder as a preservative. I still wouldn’t store it for longer than a day.

    I’d say that you can do it either way. I do cold steeping mostly because it’s convenient for me and it’s really hot in there (Thailand), so I need something cold to drink in the morning.

      Mickey December 14, 2014

      Ok, thank you!

      Mickey December 21, 2014

      Seppo.. forgot to ask this. I get pimples only on certain spots of my face.. even during breakouts. It’s never the whole face. The left area of my face is more affected by acne, right side is much clearer. What do you think?

      I’ve read about face mapping before.. & based on that.. I’ve spleen troubles. Makes sense because I’ve tried reflexology before.. and the reflexologist said that the painful spot’s linked to spleen

        Seppo Puusa December 22, 2014

        I wrote a post about face mapping, please see that for details. The short story is that there’s no reason to believe face mapping gives any useful information or that it’s anything but a massive case of confirmation bias.

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