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Study Shows Chocolate May Cause Acne

By Seppo | Cause , Diet

Chocolate has a long history in the acne diet debate. It was subject of the first study that created the ‘diet doesn’t affect acne’ myth. Before that dermatologists frequently prescribed chocolate restriction to acne patients. Now, a small study claiming drastic increase in acne after eating chocolate fuels the controversy. So could it be? Could chocolate really […]

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Does Milk Cause Acne?

By Seppo | Diet

It’s said that a marriage in Hollywood is successful if it outlasts milk. Then the golden anniversary must be when the marriage outlasts acne milk caused. There’s now good evidence to say that milk causes acne. Studies show higher rates of acne in those who drink more milk. Furthermore, milk increases the hormones that increase […]

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Getting Sick – Getting Acne

By Seppo | Diet , Gut issues

Something different and shorter today. I want to share with you this little personal story that happened to me over the past week. It’s as anecdotal as it gets, so don’t take this as proof of anything, just an interesting tidbit. So last weekend we went for a short trip with my wife. Just a […]

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Debunking The REAL Diet Acne Myth

By Seppo | Diet , Featured

Diet doesn’t cause acne. How often you’ve heard that? For several decades now dermatologists have scoffed at suggestions that diet causes acne and insisted that it’s just a myth. While they believed to be riding the high horse of science, in reality they’ve been cruising with lowly donkey of dogmatism. And now the real myth […]

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