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Research Uncovers The Mastermind Molecule Behind Acne – What It Is And How To Turn It Down

By Seppo | Cause , Members-only , News and research

Research has uncovered the mastermind molecule behind acne. Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTor) regulates all aspects of acne, including sebum production, cell growth and skin inflammation. It can read the levels of various hormones and nutrients and regulate cell growth and sebum production based on these signals. In this post I’ll explain the mTor pathway […]

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Study Shows Chocolate May Cause Acne

By Seppo | Cause , Diet

Chocolate has a long history in the acne diet debate. It was subject of the first study that created the ‘diet doesn’t affect acne’ myth. Before that dermatologists frequently prescribed chocolate restriction to acne patients. Now, a small study claiming drastic increase in acne after eating chocolate fuels the controversy. So could it be? Could chocolate really […]

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