Abolish Acne Anxiety With This Weird Theory Of Emotion

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You know the feeling, the uncomfortable jittery thing in your chest. You get it when you are outside and feel like people are looking at your skin. Sometimes when you even think about going out. Sometimes it’s so bad that you stop at the front door, close it and go back to your room. It’s called anxiety, and it comes with acne.

Luckily for you, experiments done by a renegade psychologist at the end of the 19th century turned the conventional wisdom on emotions upside down. And we can use these results to give anxiety a swift kick on the butt, freeing you to live your life.

All the credit for this post goes to Richard Wiseman and his latest book Rip It Up. I’m shamelessly borrowing from the book. And I highly recommend you buy and read the book.

Conventional view of emotions – upside down

In Rip It Up Wiseman argues that when it comes to emotions we’ve put the cart before the horse. Both common sense and conventional wisdom state that behavior follows emotion. That is, you feel anxious and that causes jittery behavior. Or that being happy causes you to smile.

This conventional wisdom also says that behavior follows thoughts. Following this many self-help books claim that you can improve yourself by thinking ‘better’ thoughts. Want to be confident? Just think positively about yourself.

Some people believe this conventional theory of emotion is upside down.


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Seppo Puusa, a.k.a. AcneEinstein shares rational advice about natural and alternative acne treatments. Read more about me and my acne struggles at the page.

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